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CP Tales

Short articles regards CP fantasies

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Wanking Aversion Clinic part 2
08:51, 2011-Jan-10

At the end of the first session we have deduced just how often our little wanker   - shoots his load - and what they think about when doing it.

The frequency of wanking allows us to set the subsequent therapy sessions at the right times as the therapy is based on the ability to have a good erection.


The second session sees the first aversion therapy brought into play. For this we use a room where there is a free standing A-frame in the centre, and plenty of space all around.


The client is strapped to the A-frame, completely naked and left to cool down for 15 minutes. Depending on who is available, one of the female assistants dresses up as the very figure which gives the wanker all his pleasure. Sometimes I dress up when just me available, so if he finds a sexy rubber clad nun as the figure to which he can climax then this figure is brought before his very eyes in the treatment room.

Therapy commences at this point as I select a heavy dragon cane and lay it on full force across his proffered rump.  There is no warm up here, just real pain.


Any erection tends to disappear very quickly, so we then stop. The erotic figure then moves in and begins to tease his cock back into a good erection. Once the erection is back and hard,  the caning recommences.  And continues until the erection dies to nothing. The treatment is then repeated, and repeated,  and repeated. 


Sometimes the erection barely subsides and that leads to a very raw , bruised arse.

In these cases a decision is taken to wank him off, completely drained.   And then a final  punishment is given much to the amazement of the client who is beside themselves with demented screaming and writhing.

The basic principle of this aversion treatment is to associate the pinnacle of erotic thought and behaviour with inconceivable pain.

The Clinic- part 1
08:42, 2011-Jan-4

I work in a Special Health Unit in the Wanking Aversion Clinic.  I excel at my job much to the woe of my many clients.  Clients are resourced from a  number of areas, the Judiciary System, numerous Psychology Depts, and strangely from people who volunteer for the treatment.  In essence we offer an alternative approach to the curing of males with the Obsessive Compulsion Disorder of constant masturbation, or wanking as I like to call it.


Males are constantly wanking but where their thoughts are concentrated on their partners and wives, then this is acceptable. It is those individuals that wank at the thought of other erotic images that qualify for our treatment. These images for example, French maids, women in uniform, riding instructress, teachers, nuns, PVC, Leather, latex etc.


The first session in a course of treatment is to establish the extent of the problem.

The treatment room is totally soundproof, and at the centre is a Fetter’s Whipping Bench. This allows access to all the required areas for effective treatment. The basic premise of the treatment is that pain is a great deterrent for wankers.


The client is stripped totally naked and fastened to the bench ready for the interrogation phase. I have a very glamorous assistant to help take notes and help with the actual treatment.

The interrogation session is used to determine how often the client wanks, and what they think of and how often they actually cum. If a client only cums once per week then the treatment sessions are once per week as there has to be an association with orgasm and arousal , and real pain.


The interrogation is carried out with the use of CP and we have an array of instruments that we use in ascending order of severity.  The idea is to make the victim, sorry client, suffer just that much so as to answer our questions coherently. Using a sjambok for example at the first stroke would make the client demented with pain and unable to breathe never mind talk sensibly. So therefore we start with a leather strap and determine the answers we need. Some people are truthful at the very first implement, but we can never be fully sure so we slowly but surely work our way through the straps, paddle, whips, canes, and sjambok till we reach the end. Yes it is a bit harsh on those who confess the truth at the beginning but how are we to know for sure ?   


Only when the arse is bruised, swollen and striped, and after a barrage of vigorous heavy strokes from canes and whips can we be sure.  For those who are not aware of the effects of prolonged heavy CP I will explain.  Every client is subjected to a level of pain which is just above tolerable levels. This make them answer questions in an eager manner, but every so often we increase the tempo to introduce a state of panic as the pain is unbearable. As the buttocks get used to the pain, a heavier instrument needs to be deployed to maintain the same levels of discomfort.

The frantic writhings and shouting,  and desperate attempts to somehow stop the proceedings gradually takes its toll on the client.  The voice starts to fade and becomes hoarse from the screaming, the writhings become less frantic as the brain slowly moves into a state where exhaustion has set in and there is just no point to it all anymore. It is this state akin to giving a truth serum, as the victim realises that they have nothing left to give but the truth.


 So every interrogation sessions is carried out in full with every instrument no matter how the individual confesses .  I am not a sadist (I think) but I absolutely adore hearing males scream !!



And then we can progress to the corrective therapy !

The Deal
08:26, 2011-Jan-1

I had this scenario, a fantasy that seemed really exciting.  All I needed was a helpful couple to enact this with me and that would be that, another one crossed off the list or perhaps to be repeated again and again. You never know till you try.

A couple, with at least one female, to administer a thrashing, with me totally naked, restrained, but the twist being that I would have been ‘milked’ of any sexual excitement before the caning. I had done something similar after a heavy session , with a milking followed by 12 strokes, but never from the beginning.

My obsession with -Too Late to Change Your Mind- fuelled the fantasy. The deal being that I would be set up for punishment and then the female or male assistant would milk me dry . Once I had cum there could be no going back as they would have fulfilled their side of the bargain and they could then enjoy my suffering of having to take a heavy caning.  I had said that I didn’t mind pics being taken if that pleased them.


And there it was and lo and behold , from out of nowhere, I got an email from a Master who lived about 30 miles away. He said he had a female slave who would assist, and as he was bemused by the request, and I didn’t mind pics being taken there was to be no charge.


Fantasies are great, being given a long erotic wank by a sexy female slave. Mmmm!   So it was arranged and soon I was there knocking on the door.


Reality is so often different. The house was a bit run down, and the Master a rather fat middle aged balding individual. The female slave was the other side of fifty and had eaten a few cream cakes in her time. But it was hard to say no, and especially having been told in no uncertain manner to strip immediately.  My clothes were taken away and hand and ankle cuffs fixed in place. A collar and lead around my neck. Ordered on my knees I was asked to re-iterate my requirements.  A semi-erection helped me to overcome my fears and the thought that this was about to be the point of no return, I blurted out my perverted fantasy yet again.  Feeling aroused I ended up requesting a 36 stroke caning after being milked dry.  Idiot! 

The female slave had disappeared and now returned naked apart from stockings and  some latex panties. She  looked nothing like the female fantasy figure I had in mind for this role. Overweight, sagging boobs, cellulite, you name it ! But this was reality and rarely do you get super models doing this stuff , but I have to admit that I was getting aroused at the thought of her wanking me off, She pulled on my lead and took me upstairs to the punishment room. Master would join us soon !  A huge A-frame was there against the wall, and without hesitation I was soon being fastened in place. A rope on my wrist cuffs  allowed her to pull me up high and tight, stretching me to tiptoe. This always seems to make me erect for some reason ?  A padded bar and waist strap made sure the fat buttocks thrust out behind in a most inviting manner.


So, there I was , naked, stretched tight, buttocks thrusting out, waiting !

The Master appeared and went over to a camera I hadn’t noticed , and then realised that it was a video camera  !!  I protested but was told to shut up as this had been agreed according to him.  Still pics yes,  but video ? Nothing I could do about it !

The camera started to roll.


I continued to protest and then the point of no return arrived.  A heavy leather face harness incorporating a dildo gag was placed on my head. Any talking was now over and done with. The Master went to the wall, and selected his favourite dragon cane and ordered his slave to "wank me off and be quick about it".


I saw her put on rubber gloves and take a large amount of baby oil in her hands. She may  not have been the prettiest of slaves but she knew how to milk a male. I had fantasised about a long erotic milking but she was far too experienced .  Her skilled fingers were instantly pumping away, and when her other hand shoved a finger into my anus I had no chance.  It must have taken no more than forty seconds to have me spurting everywhere.  And then I felt the tap tap tap of the cane, followed by that familiar Swooshhh!  A full blooded stroke had me demented. Writhing, squirming, screaming into the gag, begging for mercy but no-one could understand. He waited until I had calmed  down before delivering the next scorching stroke,  with the same incredible reactions.


This was it,  no escape, Too Late to Change My Mind!


At the end I was bruised and exhausted, well marked and very, very, sore.

They gave me a copy of the video before I went home and have to admit to having fantastic wanks watching myself getting a real thrashing.

Wanking Aversion Clinic
03:20, 2010-Dec-31

A fantasy session - or why should it be ?
05:28, 2010-Dec-15


S- Sub victim  D- Dominatrix

D.  Now then, now I have you secured on my special punishment horse let’s have a little chat. I find if I play with the victim’s penis it brings out those secret inner desires. Just tell me to stop if I am going too far.  I believe you are into CP and things like that.

S. Yes Miss I like CP, quite severe CP I think.

D. That's the only sort I deal in. Severe, very severe.

S. Very Severe ?

D. Of course. I am a true dominatrix and I am fully equipped to deal with naughty boyslike you. This special punishment bench which pushes your insolent fat bare bottom right up in the air makes it an unmissable target for my canes and horsewhips.

S. Canes and Horeswhips?

D. Yes, I like to cane and whip naughty boys and girls. The cane hisses through the air and then SPLATS across the broad defenceless buttocks.

S. That sounds painful ?

D. Oh it is my lad, extremely painful. All my victims without fail are soon babbling for mercy, begging for me to stop, but  no !  I will not stop till they have had their full punishment.

S  Full Punishment ?

D. It is up to the victim, but I would encourage them to take a good number of strokes. Not for me a miserable six of the best, but more into dozens.  All full force of course!

S. Oh Wow!  That sounds awful!

D. Or perhaps you need the judicial ?

S. What’s that ?

D. I have a heavy dragon cane, soaked overnight to make it exceptionally heavy and painful… a minimum of 36 of the best, no escape, no mercy… No-one can take a judicial without begging for mercy , without screaming , but I will not stop until all strokes have been delievred.

S. Oh no !

D. I also have special ‘treats’  for really naughty boys !

S. Really naughty, in what way ?

D. It’s up to you .. tell me how naughty you are and you get your rewards. Make me excited and I promise the experience of your life !

S. Miss I am geting very excited, please keep playing with my cock - what rewards are these ?

D. I double the strokes for extremely naughty boys ! and after all you did call me a cruel bitch ?

S  Yes Miss, Oh god ! stop you are making me come !

D  And for the really, really, really  naughty boys I make them come before I start. That seems to increase the pain somewhat!!

S. Oh no thats awful !  Please don’t do that!!

D. Its up to you my boy. Think of that burning cane across your naughty bottom. I will dress as you wish, gleaming PVC, Boots, Gloves, naked, whatever, because I like to THRASH Bottoms. This is THRASHING as you have only dreamt of, no mercy, agonising strokes.

S. Oh my cock is so hard...

D. Your big fat arse will twist and writhe, the buttocks clenching uncontrollably. The cane hissing and biting into your big fat wobbling arse cheeks.......

S. I would surely scream !

D. Of that there is little doubt but then you would be gagged. I like to gag my victims as there is no way back once the gag is in place.

S. Oh no! that's awful ! this is getting too exciting !

D. What do you think of that  eh boy ? want me to give you the full treatment ?

S. Oh Miss I know I am naughty but .....such a wouldn’t?

D. Just say the word boy and it will happen. Your wildest fantasy becomes inescapable reality. Think of that cane, think of the humiliation.....How naughty are you ?

S. Very naughty miss ! Miss you are getting me too excited !

D. Think of that cane CRACKING  across your big fat arse, and I will lay it on hard,believe me ! Tell me how naughty you are and we can begin....

S. Oh Miss,yes please Miss, I am so naughty-  I really need a proper caning!

D.  Yes. and what else ?

S. Ohh god ! Show no mercy, make me scream, full force across my fat arse... Miss , I am coming !!!!”!

D. Yes, Yes what else .. surely you are even naughtier ....

S.  Oh Miss, please Miss ! Give me a PROPER JUDICIAL !!  LAY IT ON FULL FORCE !!  PROMISE you won’t stop!........ MAKE IT 50 !!!   THRASH MY ARSE.....CANE ME RAW.... MAKE MY ARSE DANCE ... THRASH ME TILL I CUM!!!!

D. I promise, I DEFINITELY promise!  what else ? .

S. Miss STOP! . oh no I'm coming.,  I'm.coming ...STOP!

D. No way boy ! This is your reward ! Good ! Oh yes, a good spurting !! Now I can  begin. I think I will need two of my heavy canes for you me lad !Where is that gag?

S.  No Mistress I've 'cum' everywhere.  Please, no I 've changed my mind, please let me go !

D. fifty you said !  Yes it was definitely 50 strokes of the heavy cane across your fat arse. Ah  good here's the gag.   My God Am I going to enjoy thrashing you !!!!

S. No please.. LET ME GO ! NO ! NOT THE GAG ! I want to be freed ...please ,  PLEASE !!

D.  Now my boy -  you made me promise , and I NEVER go back on a promise...I did promise ?

S.  No, Not the gag ... NO !   NOoo.... Mmmffff !!!!

D.  Prepare to suffer boy !!!!!!!!!!

My Low Stocks - are you ready ?
04:23, 2010-Dec-8

Being a dominatrix I am lucky to have numbers of males who wish to visit for certain activities pertaining to female domination, but there are few that foolishly allow me to indulge in my own personal preferences.


They normally say that they will gladly submit to anything I wish but I need to be very sure that this is the case. I insist that they sign a document that states that they willingly have submitted to their ordeal before I even start on the preparation.


Once signed, I can begin and I must admit to being very moist between my legs, even at this stage.  I order them to strip naked and then take them down into the cellar, into my very own special punishment room. I explain that the room is totally soundproof and that it needs to be. The heavy wooden low stocks can’t escape their attention, and they know what they have to do.

Down they go, head and wrists locked in the front pillory and their ankles in the rear section.

The big white arse, thrusting upwards and outwards, just begging for attention. 


I then leave them to and go and change into my dominatrix costume. I love this costume, with its figure hugging corset, long gloves and gleaming boots. By now, I am unashamedly wet, as I know what is about to happen.


Selecting my favourite single tail whip I descend back to the punishment room where of course the white arse is still there thrusting and waiting. I inform my victim that I am about to whip him for my pleasure. Stupidly they answer ‘yes mistress’, or something similar, totally unaware that I am about to do just that!


As the first lash hits home with the full force of my arm they realise, too late,  that it is very true. From my picture  you can see I do enjoy my pleasure and go quite wild with my whip.

 I  think some may call me a sadist as I delight in their frantic attempts to escape my whip and invariably orgasm at their incessant screams for mercy.

If you fancy pleasing me, and it really does please me, then come along and let me show you my whipping skills.


The Correction Centre
07:01, 2010-Dec-7

The Correction Centre.


I arrived at the house just before 3.30 and was pleased to be let in quickly as the weather was wet and horrible. The girl who let me in was friendly and ushered me into a small room leading off the hall and went to get the Mistress. The Mistress was stunning, about 6 feet tall with long black hair and was dressed in the customary clothes of the dominatrix. PVC gloves to the elbow, a gleaming PVC basque, black stockings and high heeled shoes. We discussed the arrangement and what was expected of me and she repeatedly asked if I was sure about this venture as once started there would be no going back. I had fantasised over this many times - there could be no stopping it now - Que Sera  Sera !


Mistress left and the maid returned and told me to strip completely naked. I did as asked, with an added tingle of excitement as I removed my underpants letting my erect penis  escape into full view.  I was then placed in a combination of  handcuffs and leg-cuffs  attached together via a short chain and locked in a metal cage in the corner of the room. "See you later" said the maid and left me to ponder my fate.  Luckily I could get my hand to my penis and wile away the time.


The door-bell rang several times and it was obvious that a number of people, male and female, were being brought into the house. At about 4.00, reality began. The maid came into the room and  released me from the cage. A rubber hood was put over my head which had holes for my eyes, nose, and mouth. A large ball gag was strapped in place and was told to get on my hands and knees. A collar and lead  were fastened around my neck and  encouraged  to follow her into the hall with a forceful tug.


I crawled as best I could down the hall and into a  large  room.  The room was dark except for two spotlights shining onto a   whipping horse at one side and I  detected the presence of three people sitting at the other side of the room in the shadows.   Mistress was centre stage in the spotlight brandishing a cane.  She informed the audience of my crimes and how I was to be subjected to 24 strokes of the cane on the bare buttocks.   As she did this  I was made to kneel in front of them  and  was conscious of my erect penis on full display. The woman in the three spectators remarked that I wouldn't be so 'cocky ' once 'I got the cane across my arse' at which her fellow companions chuckled. 


The chain was removed from ankle and handcuffs and  I was made to bend over the horse.   The horse was like a high leather topped stool which sloped down at the top so that the body was supported and the head was lower then the buttocks. Straps were fastened around  the knees, and waist with the handcuffs fastened  to a  hook at the front of the horse.

The position of the horse meant that my buttocks were now blatantly displayed in the spotlights  thrusting out at the seated spectators and a perfect target for the Mistress's cane.

Looking up I could see the whole of the room behind me reflected in the mirrored wall.


"Four lots of six" said the Mistress.

The cane tapped my bare buttocks and then, looking in the mirror, I saw it go up behind her head. A swish and then  Pain ! Unbelievable pain ! I strained at my bonds,  shook my bottom and howled into the gag.  "One" said the maid.  Before I could get my senses back  the cane swished again and cracked across the broad bare arse.   This was hell on earth.  In those first six strokes I was made to howl and writhe incessantly to the delight of  my spectators.  After the six strokes, I was allowed a respite of  a couple of  minutes to regain my composure.

The process was repeated for the three lots of six strokes remaining. Each set produced frantic screaming and writhing but as stated in the beginning there was no going back, no escape, no way out.  During the caning itself I  became somewhat  oblivious to the audience , as  enduring the pain was a total commitment, however I could hear occasional comments about 'laying it on harder' and 'seeing blood'.


The unendurable was endured thanks to strong leather straps, and I was eventually released,

sweating profusely, exhausted, my 'cockiness' totally gone, and with a very, very, sore bottom.  The maid led me back to the room where I was locked  yet again in the cage and she left leaving the room door ajar.


The maid crossed  the hall into another room and after several minutes appeared with another victim crawling behind her.  I was but one victim that afternoon in the 'correcton centre'.

Sitting in the cage I could overhear the sentence being pronounced and then the merciless caning, swishing, and cracking  across bare buttock flesh. The victim screamed as I had done and I imagined the scene. My 'cockiness' returned with a rock hard vengeance and I was soon indulging  myself in a most wonderful  climax. 


His punishment over, and the spectators gone, I was eventually released and allowed to go home. If I ever wish to experience this again I wonder if I would like to be first or second  ?

The thought of  being  taken in front of the audience, semen dripping from my limp penis, is exciting but !